Bootcamp Classes

Toned Mamas Local Bootcamp group. Hampstead, Jacksonville and surrounding areas.(3).png

LOCATION: Golden Eagle Park, Aurora, co

Tuesday and Thursday and a few Saturdays a month.

Join toned mamas on Facebook or the local + private toned mamas aurora group for all schedule updates + possible cancelations + recipes + moms day out and more!


Class cost;

First class is always FREE!

8 class punch card – $40 (water bottle sticker included your first month!!)

Drop in $8


*The trainer have the right to cancel class due to sickness, weather or any other reason. Updates will be posted in Toned Mamas groups, and social media.


Fitness to me has nothing really to do with how great our body looks or how much you can flex your muscles, obviously those are some awesome things too! But I fell in love with fitness because it has the ability to change a person down to the core! I love that once people get bit by the โ€œfitness bugโ€ they often start the momentum of wanting MORE out of all areas in their life Lina

I love to incorporate games and challenges into our fitness routines!


What is Toned Mamas and what level of fitness do I have to be at to attend?
Toned Mamas Fitness class is a 1 hour boot camp style class outside in a park.
It’s designed to fit every level – if you are just coming off the sofa –  we will start off slow but effective! If you are a more advanced fitness mama – I got you to and know exactly how push you! And if you are somewhere in between the  two – I got moves for you too! ๐Ÿ™‚

I take pride in that everyone of my classes are different!
We use what the park has to offer, dumb bells, sand bags, battle ropes, tires, balls, and our own body weight!

Is it kid friendly?
Yes!! Classes are designed so the kids can either play at the play ground, work out with us (if it’s safe) or hang out next to you in the stroller or on a blanket. I love seeing a mama’s face light up as her kiddo is doing jumping squats next to her, or her son is waiving from the slide.
It’s important to know that you are always responsible of your little ones and they do need to be supervised at all times.

What do I need?
Bring water, a towel if you need to wipe the sweat off, a yoga mat to do ground exercises on (or a beach towel) The trainer May ask to bring dumb bells if you have some but that will be announced in the private Facebook group. And if you don’t have any, don’t let that stop you as we will all share!

Toned Mamas is so proud to be able to keep the classes so affordable that all mamas can join!

$40 for a 8 class Punch card;

Or $8 drop in whenever you want!!

๐ŸŽ‰FIRST CLASS is always FREE!! So come and try it out!

Bring a friend and get a $5 credit once they join after their first class!

(All sales are final, no refunds are available at this time.)

Toned Mamas tribe

Once payment is received you are added to a private Toned Mamas VIP group where we do little challenges, keep each other accountable, decide on play dates and moms nights out!!

It’s such a fun group to be apart of –> friends, fitness, support and wanting to be your best! Join us!!

It’s always so hard to try out new things. The first time is usually so scary because you don’t know what to expect – But just come on out anyways! You will feel so welcome, and fit right in.

There is no melt down or dirt kid coming out of a puddle that we haven’t seen! Your kids will have a blast. If you need to stop to feed your baby, attend your kids, chase them down to the playground – that is totally ok! Remember, Toned Mamas is designed for mom’s and their kids. And if your kids are older and in school – Come out and sweat your bum off so you can be a power house the rest of the day too!
Endorphin’s are da shizzle! (We need that on a shirt!)

Just come out, meet some friends, feel better about yourself and keep at it!! You may be out of shape at first, but that’s why you are coming out right..? ๐Ÿ™‚

A healthy mama is a happy mama!

See you in class!


Disclaimer; Toned Mamas and its trainers are not liable for any injuries sustained while in class, or on the premises.  Please notify trainer (s) if you have any concerns about physical problems or injuries.  Always work at your own pace and honor your body and level, if you have previous injuries, are pregnant or recently had a baby, inform the trainer.  Please check with a medical professional prior to exercising.