About Lina

Hey girl hey!

I’m Lina and I’m a little bit of everything. A horoscope reading, home bod with a craving for connection with a likeminded tribe of women. I love being outdoors in the sun at the beach or hiking and camping in the woods. Im a dreamer yet a realist. I love being home raising my daughters yet have a passion for entrepreneurship. I’m a laid back, manifesting, Kombucha drinking, salad eating, meditating mama all mixed with high energy, strength & HIIT training, loud music, dancing, brownies and a glass of wine (or three…)


I’ve been married to my marine for over 12 years. We’ve lived in 5 states and 12 houses together! We have 4 AMAZING daughters ages 12, 10, 7 and 2 years old and a Golden Retriever gal! (And yes! You read that right, all girls!)

I was born and raised in the northern parts in Sweden in a smaller town but moved here to the states as a 20year old with a nanny contract for one year. Obviously that wasn’t meant to be when I met my (now) hubby pretty quickly and decided to go to school but soon after we ended up getting married and have babies and moving all over the states. Oh, I became an American citizen in 2018!

I’ve been home raising my babies since they were born as well as teaching group fitness classes since 2011, became a personal trainer in 2014, and started Toned Mamas in the spring of 2015.

As a mom of 4 and a trainer I know that it can be so hard to MAKE time for your self! I lived unfulfilled and with zero self esteem for years in a body I hated. Fitness and health seemed HARD, especially with a body that I didn’t recognize after birth and it just wasn’t fun. That’s why I’m so passionate to simplify health for busy moms and make fitness fun and easier to achieve goals again as well as teaching about our powerful mind, habits and choices that WE are in control of.

I’m not your typical trainer, I’m the trainer who wants to take a step back from the fitness industry and the way it is now. I want us to start re-think what a healthy lifestyle should be. It’s NOT all about the way our bodies look or chemical filled supplements, counting calories or macros, or training in a gym for 6 days a week for at least an hour…  I’m bringing my Swedish “lagom” roots to Toned Mamas and simplifying it all. Eating healthy food, working out with out the pressure for it to be perfect and if you miss a day or two it’s ok to move on with out feeling any kind of guilt.

Toned Mamas is not about being perfect or having a 6 pack abs. It’s about doing the best you can with the little time you got to feel confident and strong, so you can be the best YOU every day in the midst of the daily mama hustle AND connect with a tribe of women who has your back.

I would love to see you in one of my classes soon or head over and get some inspiration on my blog and let’s connect on FACEBOOK and on INSTAGRAM where I’m hanging out daily.

(Swedish for bye!)