About Lina

Untitled design(3).pngHey guys! I’m Lina – the trainer & founder of Toned Mamas.
I’m married to Justin who is a marine so we move every few years but we are currently in Hampstead, NC and love it here! I’m a stay at home mama who is also trying to balance running a business from home while doing all the mommin’ stuff. Some days I got it all down, but most days I’m kind of a hot mess!
We have 4 daughters who are 10, 8, 5 and our newest baby girl who were born in august 2017. Yes, it’s crazy and busy but so much fun to have the big family I’ve always dreamed of.
I’ve been teaching group fitness classes since 2011, became a personal trainer in 2014, and started Toned Mamas in the spring of 2015.

I grew up in Sweden but moved to San Diego right before I turned 21 when I decided to take the opportunity to work as an au pair for a Swedish/American family. I was eager to mix up my daily routines in Sweden with some adventure and traveling for a year- and I got more than what I asked for – an the adventure of a life time – instead of just a year. 🙂

As a mom of 4 and a personal trainer I know that it can be so hard to MAKE time for your self! My passion is to SIMPLIFY health for busy moms and make fitness fun again! I love sharing about wellness, recipes, tips etc on my blog and on my social media accounts but mostly with my Toned Mamas bootcamps that I teach 3 times a week where mamas can come and work out with their kiddos.
Toned Mamas is not about being perfect or having a 6 pack abs. It’s about doing the best you can with the little time you got to feel confident and strong, so you can be the best YOU and reflect all that back to your family.

If you are local in Hampstead, NC area come and join one of my classes soon!! And if you can’t, head over and get some inspiration on my blog and let’s connect on FACEBOOK and on INSTAGRAM where I’m hanging out daily.

Send me an email tonedmamas@gmail.com I would LOVE to hear from you.
xo Lina

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