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Are you getting New Years crazy yet?

This is the season when all your $hit should finally come together!

All your weight loss issues will be solved, you will have picked your favorite word of the year, your house will now finally come organized on January 1st (did you buy bins yet?) you will start date nights weekly and money will be saved and your business will be booming – or at least you are finally going to start it after years of procrastinating.

Listen, I too LOVE a brand spanking new planner, and a new *fresh* start. It is something magical with a brand new year year – yet; there is nothing magical about it really….

It’s all in our own head, we put so much pressure on oursevels that on day one to change and do things differently without digging deeper into why we have done all those things in the first place.

As a trainer I work with mamas who have gained weight and they wonder why they have gained weight, and it’s not because they don’t care, it’s because they are not sleeping, so stressed and overwhelm, and food has become a COMFORT for her. It’s easy to grab 8 Oreos in the pantry when she is dehydrated and hungry, and a lot harder to make a green smoothie or a salad that she knows she should be eating.

When we dig deeper into her feelings we can start solving them together, she can ask her husband or a friend for a little extra support, she can start doing some extra meal prepping so she can eat healthier, she can start working out home instead of feeling defeated that she can’t get to the gym, and she can start drinking more water through out the day to really get her metabolism going, getting out of that mom fog, feeling more energy and getting things flowing within her.

She is not going to just all of a sudden “change” on January 1st. Mid February she will probably be right back where she is now if she don’t change the root cause, create a new better foundation before she tries to make ALL of the changes at the same time.

Habits and same ol’ routines are comforting, safe and easy. That’s why we fall back into this safety net all of the time.

So I’m all for a fresh start on January 1st! But first let’s dig a little deeper, let’s take a few and look back to the year and see what worked and what didn’t. What need to change? What good habits can you build up on? Who can you ask for help and support?

Hard days are definitely coming your way and in those days, well most days, you can’t rely on motivation! Because motivation is CRAP – it doesn’t last! Commitment is the only thing that works.

Are you committed to your new goals in 2020?

You can always reach out if you need support.

Xo Lina

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