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Should I eat before I work out?

We are all so different, so I can’t say that one thing works for everyone. BUT skipping eating a meal before your workout – working out in a fasted state – can actually be great for you in a few ways!

When you haven’t had a meal in at least 3-4 hours your body stop using the recently delish food you just ate for fueling your body during your work out and instead starts to use her “storage” to burn for fuel.

This storage is glycogen and fat that the body has stored “for a rainy day” when it might not get food. But living in America, the problem is that this storage often keeps growing because of all the food you have access to, or the wrong food you eat. So simply allowing your body to rest from digesting food all the time is a great way to burn the stored fat and in the process, lose weight faster!

Who is a fasted work out NOT for?

People with diabetes, eating disorders or if you simply don’t feel good working out before you eat something you will be better if with eating something lighter like an apple + nut butter, a banana, or an energy bar.

It also depends a little bit on what kind of work out you are doing. If you are planning to run 10k (about 6miles) you will probably need something in your belly. However, if you are doing a shorter HIIT, strength training or even a fitness or Bootcamp styled class, you can definitely be ok with doing a fasted work out.

If you are used to eating a big meal in the morning it might take some time to getting used to this type of fasted work out.

However, many claim to feel more energized and stronger when working out in a fasted state. Myself included!

At the end of the day. Consistency with your work outs is far more important than eating or not eating before a work out. You need to find your groove, what works for you and follow that consistently.

Do you fast or eat before work out? I would love to hear in the comments!

Xo Lina

As with everything, these are just my personal thoughts and I always encourage you to advice with your health professional about any changes, concerns and questions you may have.

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