One pot Shrimp with bacon & cauliflower rice.

Oh-em-geee! This recipe is delicious, healthy (!!) and super filling! And definitely kid approved!

You can use frozen cauliflower or make your own like I usually do!

Cauliflower rice in the vitamix!

1 head of cauliflower chopped up into smaller pieces.

Add a little bit at a time of the cauliflower and turn your vitamix on, on low setting for a few seconds until it looks like “rice.” Put it to the side on a plate or a bowl, and continue until all the cauliflower is “riced.”

Shrimp with bacon and cauliflower rice.

Frozen or fresh shrimp

1 12oz package of thick cut bacon. (Half if you want but we love us some bacon!)

3-4 cups of cauliflower rice (I used one big head of cauliflower)

Garlic (the more the better in my opinion) I used about 5 cloves minced.

1 medium yellow onion diced (optional)

1 1/2- 2 pounds shelled and deveined shrimp.

2 cups frozen or fresh broccoli

Start with cutting up the bacon in the smaller pieces, a great way is to use a scissor. Cook on medium heat until crunchy.

Add bacon onto a plate with some paper towel to drain off the grease some.

Pour grease into a cup. Save some in the pan.

Add garlic and diced onion for 1-2 minutes, careful not to burn the garlic. Add more bacon grease as you need (optional but adds such great flavor) add cauliflower rice, stir fry for a few minutes.

Add small broccoli pieces (pre cooked some if frozen)

Take the cauliflower mixture out and onto a plate.

Add more bacon grease if needed and add shrimp. Cook on medium until all shrimp is pink. Add salt and pepper.

Add bacon and cauliflower and mix it all. Let cook for a little bit.


xo Lina

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