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Podcasts I love!

I love love love me some podcasts!

It’s FREE and you can get soaked up in anything you could ever imagine! Cooking, fitness, wellness, business, crafting, drama, mom shows, news, politics, mysteries I mean – if you are into a certain thing, I bet you will find a podcast about it!

I listen to my podcasts on iTunes in the podcast app. But I know there are many different apps you can use.

These are a few of the “lifestyle and empowering podcasts” I listen too! All in a random order! 🙂

-Your dream life – Kristina Karlsson. A Swedish entrepreneur in Australia who interview a bunch of different empowered people. I love her laid back view on life!

The Melissa Ambrosini show – Melissa Ambrosini. Wellness, business, healthy & mindful lifestyle.

Earn your happy – Lori Harder. Mindfulness, health, business, mindset.

From the heart – Rachel Braten. Yoga girl, another Swedish mama empowering women!

The Chalene show – Chalene Johnson. This woman changed my life! With her piyo & turbo kick videos, goal setting, fitness and health. She got my out of my depression and lost weight and got me hooked on self empowerment.

Bigger pockets Money – I listen to a bunch of the bigger pockets podcasts. The money podcast is awesome to get your money mindset straight!

Chakra girl – Amanda Frances. “Woo,” crystals, business and mindset. Easy going and fun to listen too.

Women of impact – Lisa Bilyeu. The title says it all. Women creating change and empowering others.

RISE podcast – Rachel Hollis. Business, mindset, relationships. It’s good y’all.

Like I said, these are a few of my favorites, but I also have a ton of business podcasts that I love to listen too. If you are into business, would you like me to create a list of those too?

Now your turn, I would love to hear if you are into podcasts, and what your favorites are!

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