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Don’t be salty… Unless your are the Pink Himalayan kind!

I love anything pink! Pink the singer, pink the color and of course pink Himalayan salt! As a matter of fact, pink salt is the only salt my family and I use now, not because it’s pink – but because it has some awesome health benefits!

I will go over all the benefits in a little bit, but first, I want to tell you HOW and WHEN to use it, and that is so simple. You use it just as you would “normal” table salt. In your cooking, on your salads, on your buttered corn, on your margarita rim etc!

Pink salt is said to be the most pure salt there is. Millions of years ago this crystalized salt was covered with lava, snow and ice and is now hand mined from the mountains and sold in markets. When I first started using it a few years ago it could be super hard to find. But now, most grocery stores carry it. Yay! A great tip is to check out stores like TJ MAXX where you can find a big bag super affordable!

Pink H-salt has 80+ minerals that our bodies need daily! Minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium just to mention a few. Since it’s packed with minerals, the benefits are awesome!
+Supports thyroid and adrenal function
+Helps balancing hormones.
+Supports and boosts metabolism.
+Salt inhalers can help with asthma, chest congestions, season allergies etc.
+You can use salt lamps for air purification
+You can even grab some Pink Himalayan sea salt and do a detox bath
The options are endless!

It’s such a simple way to improve your health with out barley any effort. I would encourage you to make the switch asap.

So my question to you is:
Are you on this Himalayan SEA SALT ADDICTION like me or is this new to you??

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