Get your picky eater to eat with ease.

Do you have a picky eater at home?

What are some of your tips to help another mama out?

I saw this picture floating around on social media and I thought it was hilarious (but I don’t have credits to it.)

I have pretty good eaters in my family. But I know how frustrating it can be when all you want is to have healthy and happy kiddos that eat with ease. But I know that’s not always the case!

With my pickiest daughter, Annie, I have come to accept and learn what works with her. I let her eat more of the things she like and love and don’t fuss too much about what she don’t.

I don’t see anything good with having a kid sitting at the table for hours being forced to eat.. but I also try to let “to each their own” as parenting is such a touchy subject and there is no right way to do it.

Here are some things that I think will be helpful for you in “get your picky eater to eat with ease.”

  • Include your kids when you cook. They love to help and if they see what you make, and be a part of the whole process all the way from the store to the plate they will more likely be willing to try. My girls loves to pick out recipes out of cook books too!
  • Find their favorites. It’s ok not to like every fruit and veggie and meal out there.
  • Get away from pre-made kids food. Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza rolls – it’s all ok every once in a while! But when that’s all they know their tastebuds will get used to plain, factory made foods.
  • Have a rule to at least try a bite and add some fun flavors to it. Let them add ketchup/ranch/cheese or whatever other flavoring they would like. After a while they will get more used to the flavor and you can use less of the not so good flavorings!
  • Don’t make meal time a stressful time! Make it easy and sit down and eat together and create a fun time and not a stressful time so your child feels like “here we go again with me being forced to eat.”
  • Raw/cooked/roasted veggies. Do they prefer veggies one way? That’s totally ok. Let them enjoy the food the way they like it MOST of the time and have them try other ways the other times.

What’s your favorite tip to help our picky eaters eat healthy?

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