How to get your body back after baby!

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“How do you get your body back after babies..?”

I have yet to figure out where my body went..? 🤷🏼‍♀️ it was HERE the whole time, loosening up joints, creating more blood, creating a LIFE; a baby little by little, a heart beat, lungs, nails, intestines, eye balls and all the other little details to make your baby who they are. And I kept it moving through it all, took care of my other babies, went to the grocery store even though I kept gagging by the meat department, and it took BREATHS all by it self without me even thinking of doing it. My hormones changed. My breasts started to change too and create milk to be able to keep this precious life alive when it was time to be born. And for it to be born I had to suffer the worst pain in my life, and I did it once with a epidural and 3 times with no help but my own mindset that I could freaking get through this pain. Many of my mama friends had to be cut open and get their guts put on their chest while doctors pulled their little baby’s out of them. Wow!

So ask me again “how to get your body back?” How to get rid of those stretch marks, how to firm up your boobs. Because my body didn’t go ANYWHERE. It was here through clogged milk ducts, mastitis, bleeding for weeks after baby was born, it made my uterus go back – it was right here with me doing the amazing things only a woman’s body can do. Don’t get caught up in the fitness/Hollywood/diet industry mom shaming. Love the shit out of yourself. Be proud of the things your body have done. You are a freaking POWERHOUSE mama. And you are gorgeous. And you are kind. Don’t forget all this when you look at your body and wonder “what happened…” if you still do, re-read this post. That’s all.

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