Simplify your food and never diet again.

I like to think of my food like a bank account. I actually got this idea from Bethany Frankel years ago and it just stuck with me and it makes so much sense!!

I LOVE food! I love creamy pastas, chocolate, French fries, ipa’s and wine and any other delicious food And drinks you can think of that’s just not the best to keep your waist in check.

Diets stress me out and I’ve tried them all at some point in my life I feel like. Low carb, high fat, vegan etc – but they never last because they are way to restrictive for me and as soon as “someone” tell me I can’t have something that’s all I can think of until I get to devour it! Anyone else..?

I also don’t believe in calorie counting or macro counting. Yep – I know I’m a trainer and should be giving y’all meal plans right and left with a certain calorie intakes. But I just believe that food is just way to complicated for us to keep that going in the long run. There are so many emotions, habits to break and new habits to create. And I’m all for creating LONG-LASTING change with no added numbers or a fancy name added to it.

I want to mention real quick that I do however use calorie counting as a tool for a week or so for a very few number of mamas to get a general idea of what they are actually eating. Especially to highlight how quickly calories can add up for example eating spoons of peanut butter! #GuiltyOfThat! But I don’t want them to stay on the “counting train” for long.

I love food diaries as that alone just helps open up the eyeballs of how much mindless eating and drinking is actually happening without them even knowing!!

I have a general idea of how much food I need to feel my best and the ingredients in there. How I do this is that I try to avoid everything that comes with an ingredients list. And that’s usually a pretty accurate to make me feel strong, lean and my best!

Think about it for a second! Most processed food comes with ingredients list and a calorie chart – fruit and veggies & good for you meats never or very rarely does. So stick to THAT food 80-90% of the time, and you’ll be golden!

Let’s dig in to the super simple way of the “food as a bank account” mindset if you know you are planning to eat spaghetti and garlic bread and drink wine for dinner that is a pretty carb + fat heavy dinner, think of it as taking out more money/calories of your “food bank” at night. Since your body is given only so much daily, you don’t want to go broke and you need to eat less (use less of the food bank) during the day to not over spend – or in this case, gain weight…

More food later in the day means less food/healthier food during the day! A heavy brunch would mean a lighter dinner later.

Balancing and maybe mostly being AWARE of your food throughout the days is such an easy concept to think and live with! You CAN have it allbut not all of the time or at the same time.

And remember, one bad meal or day is not going to ruin your diet – just as one healthy meal is not going to make you loose weight.

Enjoy your vacations – days when you enjoy food 100% guilt free – there should NEVER be guilt around eating any kind of foods – and then move on and get back to healthier choices.

Here is a fun chart to think of. Eat MORE of the food at the top and LESS of the food at the bottom.

Simplify your thoughts around food. Time to take control of your habits to live your best life – inside and out, mama!

Xo Lina

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