How to stop binge eating & ruin your diet.

Before I get into this topic of binge eating, I want to mention that the following article is about saying binging every once in a while, like eating a large amount of “junk” in one sitting without really thinking about it. #weareallhumans —> this is NOT about an Binge Eating Disorder, I really encourage you to get in contact with your doctor if this is something you struggle with. Your health is so important. Please take care of yourself and reach out to a professional who will help you take the steps you need to take. You deserve to be happy and healthy mama.



<<<—- Binging. Let’s define this before we start talking about the good stuff.

I bet this has been you more than once… You are feeling as you are just killing it! Your work outs and your food is on point, your mood is great and then, drumroll please…. 2.30 pm hits and you find yourself just like a shark in the water smelling blood miles away, but the difference is that you are smelling SUGAR from miles away! You are tired, you are hungry and BAM there they are, the package of Oreos you remember you hid in the back away from the kids. You convince yourself to eat one, never mind, ok, lets eat 3 and of course before you know it you are binging on on ALL the things you can find.
2.45pm comes around and you are feeling sick, gross, full and maybe mostly mad and shameful that you yet again ruined your “I’m killing it day…” Let’s start over another day…

This my friends is a huge problem and it is time for you to put on those big girl panties and stop this bad ol’ habit of yours! Eating a lot of food, usually “junk” high in fat and sugars is so bad for you. But you know that, and hopefully you are ready for it to end. So here are 8suggestions how you can get these binge cravings in check. There is no better time than NOW.

We are made out of 80% water. When we are dehydrated – everything is put on hold in your body. You are tired, hungry (first sign of needing water) skin might break out, mental exhaustion/feeling down/depressed, bad memory, etc,
75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Don’t be like them, be a rebel! I don’t care if you don’t like water, if you don’t like to pee all of the time (this is your body getting rid of junk! YAY go body!) forget about it or whatever excuse you have… Drank your dang water girl! This is always the best place to start!

If you are eating a well balanced diet you will be ok! When you go on a crazy depriving too low of a calorie diet, that’s when your blood sugar is starting to get shaky and you might be craving sweets as a result. Fill up on healthy macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) and a lot of micronutrients (veggies and fruits filled with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals etc)

Seriously, if you are a sucker for the tiniest craving and give in after 5 seconds of “trying” this one is for you. Don’t waste money on it if you don’t want to eat it. Oh it’s for your kids.. Don’t you worry, they do definitely not need it either, so buy some healthier snacks instead and it’s a win for everyone.

Make sure you get fiber into your diet! Not only so you can poop good (yep, I went there…) but it will help you feel fuller longer due to it’s slow to go through your digestive track. Add fiber into every meal; veggies, fruit, whole grains, beans etc are good!

Eating more protein will also help you feel full. It will also help you build muscles! Yay! It’s proven that women who eat enough protein daily is more “slim” that those who don’t. The golden toned mamas food rule –> fill up on carbs with veggies/fruit, add “hand size” of protein – and add a “thumb” size of healthy fat.

Keep a food journal if you are struggling with what you eat! Keep it in your phone, in a book or what works for you – and you will be more likely to stay on track. Who wants to write down, omelette, taco salad, 30 oreo’s and spaghetti for dinner…? Not me!

Anyone know who used to watch “who wants to be a millionare” and if the contestant didn’t know the answer they could call a friend? Yes, this works here too! Get your mind off your cravings, grab an apple and call a friend and chat with her!

COMMIT. At the end of the day there is no one but yourself who can decide what you are putting into your mind & body. Maybe it’s time to break those mindless habits of yours and put your foot down once and for all and NOT giving in. You need to find new ways to get a reward once your triggers for binging happens. I could write a whole other article about this, but really, YOU need to treat your body with respect and eat things that bless your body in the long run – NOT for 1min and then you feel shitty about for a long time after. Figure out new ways, prep some food in the fridge that’s easy to grab and go – grapes, hummus cups and veggies, mini bell peppers and guacamole, avocado toast, protein pudding, cheese cubes and some protein (Turkey & chicken are great.)

Mama, you are a grown woman! YOU are the only person on this earth who can control what you do.
Yes breaking old habits is hard!
Yes, it will suck at times.
And darn it, YES you CAN figure this out.

I’m going to go all Dr.Phil on you and ask you… Is what you are doing working? No, then what do you need to do for it to change?

You are so worthy of becoming your best. Hitting your weight loss goal, or getting stronger, or building a long lasting foundation for your best life.
And maybe the most important thing to remember is that YOU can have it ALL – just not ALL of the time. Meaning, there is a time and a place for all that sugar, salty snack or whatever else you are craving at the moment and if you can have a bite; good for you. IF not – don’t try to bargain with yourself to only have one, or only have a handful because before you know it you have ate the whole cookie jar.

I hope you found this helpful.
Let me know, as always if I can help in any way.
Time to end the constant mindgame going on in the mind belittling ourself and time to step into the powerhouse I know you are!

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x&o Lina

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