8 steps for the unmotivated mama.

Wow, we are nearing the end of February and those resolutions might feel so far away by now. Do you remember your excitement that first week in January? THIS IS YOUR YEAR, remember..?

If you’ve fallen of the wagon, don’t feel discouraged, I mean what does that even mean..? Fallen off the wagon. Pfft… screw the wagon. This is YOUR life. These are the things we need to do over and over and over again to create the life you know deep down you can have. New habits is not going to happen over night, and they are not going to create results right away either. That dream in your heart stirring was placed there for a freaking reason! Move towards it! Follow your gut.

The reality is that in life you will feel unmotivated time and time again. The question is – are you going to stop when you feel unmotivated? Or are you going to keep going even when you don’t feel like it?

Here are some tips to get you going that I’ve realized throughout the years as a trainer and mentoring moms, and that I often need reminders of myself.

1. It’s ok to complain! Yep! It’s ok to complain as along as you do something about it! Just because you are having a rough day when everything seem to not go your way, or you are not invited to a party and you feel left out, ate 3 ice cream sandwiches (this might or might not have happened last night) going on less than 3 hour of sleep or whatever else you want to complain about go ahead, get it out on paper or to someone who will NOT tell you to stop having a pity party because you are complaining and it’s a part of life. GET it out of your head and your chest and then MOVE ON and do something about it. Either bless it and let it go or move forward with some kind of action.

2. Do it even when you don’t feel like it. Yes mama! THIS is the key to success, to weight loss, building muscles and to anything beautiful in life. You do it EVEN when you don’t feel like it. Motivation is just better thoughts put together, it’s not magic. You are not different when you are motivated or not motivated – motivation is just an idea of feelings. Don’t let this stop you.

3. Avoid social media!! Don’t fall into the comparison trap looking at people doing similar things, or sitting scrolling on social media looking at cute baby gender revels or funny videos for NO reason! It’s said from research that it takes 25min to get back on focusing 100% on what you were doing after social media. Be disciplined, stay away from social media apps that suck you in!

4. Take one rest day if you really feel exhausted. Rest from working out, or building your business or school work if you can. Sometimes a few steps back looking at what you have already done is the most powerful thing. Remember when you couldn’t run 1mile without stopping? Remember when you only had 20followers in social media? Remember the first day when you picked up your school books, and here you are, in the midst of it doing IT!

5. Be freaking grateful for the OPPORTUNITIES you have in front of you today. Not everyone has the body they can move, or a computer they can create a blog on or find answers within seconds with your thumbs on your phone.

6. Write down all the things you are grateful for. Big things & little things like your family, your kids beautiful smiles or the coffee your poured into a cute cup this morning. Mediate and bring your awareness to gratitude.

7. Read and write your goals every single day! Everyday. No exceptions. You will do this on the most crappy day and the most beautiful day! Be reminded of who you are and where you are headed. You need to adjust your sails depending on the wind, but the nose of the boat needs to always be corrected towards those goals of yours.

8. Clean up your freaking space. When I’m overwhelmed with my home + laundry I feel STUCK, I don’t sleep as good and I feel blah. When my house is organized and picked up and floors are somewhat clean (I have a golden retriever so it’s a challenge) I feel so much more motivated. Keeping on top of things is challenging, but I’ve learned it’s so worth it! I’ve also Marie kondo’d almost my whole house, bought some new tables and baskets for easier storage solutions. And it’s a game changer!

And here is a bonus for y’all! Drink your water!! Feeling sluggish is often due to being dehydrated. Cheers to you, have a glass of h20.

Alright mama, reach out if you need a little extra motivation. You got this! I woke up this morning exhausted and unmotivated, but doing some of these things has already turned my morning around and I’m ready for a brand spanking new week! Let’s do this!

You matter always.

Xo Lina

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