SIMPLE carb-cycling.

What is it?
How do you do it?
Why is it great for busy mamas?

We hear people doing it all the time; going on the newest low carb diet trend… Us women tend to be loving our carbs and many struggle with the sugar/carb addiction daily. I’m definitely 100% guilty of this. BUT sugars and to many carbohydrates are so bad for not only your weight but for your over all health.  But let’s face it – a NO CARB DIET is freaking hard.  Soooo… Carb-cycling is a great way to control the intake of carbohydrates and enjoying carbohydrates with out all the guilt that may come with over eating and binging.  The basics are that some days you eat more carbohydrates, other days not so many (under 50g) <<Simple right!

When I did intermittent fasting and combined it with carb cycling in the past I had the best abs I’ve ever had, I felt energized, I was happier with life, my relationships were better and my hormones were stabilized. I’ve been getting back to it and yet again, I’m starting to get back to that lean best version of me again. Not only body wise, but my mindset energy levels etc too! I’m so happy to be back on the “me train” after my last pregnancy and my 9 month postpartum journey. It is time to get these love handles away and FEEL like myself again!

What works for me? I usually do Monday & Tuesdays low carb days. Wed high/normal carb. Thursday + Friday low carb and then Saturday + Sunday higher carbs. But honestly, on high/normal days I do not really count what I eat. I try and eat what I normally do, just make sure I eat more carbohydrates with each meal and then go on with my day. But I sometimes change it up depending what we got going on during the week, birthdays etc! That’s the neat thing, you can have it all GUILT-FREE when you plan ahead and stick to what works for you! Some people prefer to carb cycle every other day, or eat low carb twice a week. Find what works for you! But if you are looking to lose fat, then a few more low carb days is beneficial for you, and once you are at your goal weight, you can be more flexible especially if you are adding your intense work outs too!

Let’s see how carb cycling can be beneficial for our strong toned mamas bods!

+Stabilized your hormones! Yaaas!!
+Enhance weightloss or reducing body fat faster.
+Speeds up muscle recovery.
+Stabalizes your metabolic rate (more about this soon)
+Energizes you.
+Helps you “have it all” just not everyday and helps prevent binge eating.

If you’ve been struggling with losing weight, eating right etc. TRY this way out for a little bit! You might be surprised how WELL it works for you too!

Now, I know what a few of you Mamas to be and new moms are going to ask me; can pregnant or breastfeeding mamas carb cycle? NO & YES! Pregnant mamas should make sure they get all their calorie intake in. Pregnant mamas and their growing baby need carbohydrates. remember >>> you are creating LIFE inside of you. Being pregnant is not a good timing to worry about cutting out food groups. However, I feel it’s important to eat the healthier carbohydrates and not filling up on crap…

Now to my YES! Nursing mamas… As long as YOU eat enough calories and drink plenty of water you should be able to rock the carb cycling. It may even boost your milk supply. However, we are all different, and it’s also different if you just have given birth and your milk is just coming in, OR if you are like me, have a older baby who also eat food & drink water out of a zippy cup and nurse just a few tones a day…. I wouldn’t even worry about it unless the baby is at least 6months! I know other fitness professionals would disagree… Chat with your doctor! Remember – baby + milk supply comes BEFORE toning your waist…

So I wanted to again simplify for you and I made these little charts you can PIN to your pinterest or SAVE & print on your phone. Please feel free to share them with your friends/family as well!


Xo Lina.

***This is not to be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor. I am simpy just sharing what has been working for me. Always ask your medical professional before starting someting new.

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