Super Apple Nachos

Here is a snack idea for you that is SO easy, SO good and truly a SUPER food for ya!
It’s a perfect after school snack for your kiddos too when they come home STARVING from a long day of learning.

But first, let me share with yall why I call this my SUPER apple nachos!
You know I’m a little bit of a food nerd and love learning and sharing what I learn with you about the nutrition in our foods!

KNOWLEDGE is POWER mamas – and if you KNOW why we should eat certain things it sure makes it easier to EAT it when we may be craving something different less good for us…

PEANUT BUTTER. Although it depends a little bit on what brand of peanut butter you choose –> peanut butter can be really good for you. Jam packed with good for you fats, protein, vitamins and minerals that tastes just as good in a cookie, on a spoon or melted on top of your apple nachos.
As always, check the ingredients to make sure there are not a ton of added sugars, bad oils etc.

COCONUT OIL has in the later years seriously just BOOMED and people have all the rights to be crazy about this amazing super foods – I know I’m in the craze with ya adding it to my cooking, my coffee, on my belly to prevent stretch marks, on dry hands and elbow in the colder months etc! Yep, it’s true that you can add it on your skin, in your hair, flush it around in your mouth and of course – the more obvious – add it in your food to reap all it’s good health benefits.
It’s said to improve digestive health, prevent mental fatigue, nourish hair and prevent hair loss, strengthen your immune system, prevent cholesterol and high blood pressure, healing tissue, improve teeth strength and health, controls blood sugar and help you stay full longer with its good for you fat.

RAW CACAO POWDER is the bomb diggity! It has TONS of antioxidants in it (break downs free radicals to protect you from disease, good for your skin etc)
It’s a natural mood enhancer, the highest plant based source of iron, filled with magnesium, enhances weight loss. Make sure you don’t mix this super food cacao up with its sugary factory made buddy cocoa powder.

CHIA SEEDS are filled with omega 3’s, protein, fiber, antioxidants etc. You can find more about chia seeds here and here.

APPLES are filled with good for ya fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, low in sugar for a fruit, Good for your colon, your teeth, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, good for your heart etc. And another good benefit is that apples are pretty CHEAP and easy to bring places!

But the pretzels I added were just for some crunch and saltiness! If you want to skip this, go ahead, you can also just add a little sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt or salty crunched up peanuts for that “salty & sweet” effect.

Super Apple Nachos(1).png

Pin it, save it, share it with your mama friends and most of all ENJOY this totally guilt free plate of SUPER NACHOS.

xo Lina.

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