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Posture for moms.

Fix your mama posture.
Posture is something so many of us are not thinking about. Many know that we should straighten up our backs and keep our shoulders back, but the reality is that we are slouching when we are sitting, laying down comfortable in a recliner, bending over reading on our phones or working on our computers, breast feeding /bottle feeding, lifting our little ones, leaning over to reach our toddlers all day long  etc.

A couple of weeks ago we were at a family retreat thorough my hubby’s work, and the last little thing we talked about before heading home was to make sure we have a firm hand shake – is it anything worse than shaking hand with a “spaghetti hand..?” My grandma taught me this as a young girl and it stuck with me since. But then they went on and talked about posture and how much a good posture also affect our mood, our confidence and how others will see us. This is so true.
Imagine feeling depressed and down and think about how you sit in the sofa, or how you walk with your head kind of down not smiling, or when you are having a really good day we often walk a little faster, straighten our backs, looking straight and around us and smiling.
I want to challenge you, that the next time you feel depressed or ‘down’ straighten up, fix your posture and smile and you will instantly feel better!

But other than just improving our mood and confidence, it’s also so important to work on a good posture as a pregnant mama, new mama and every woman – it may even fix a few of your aches and pains right quickly! Your body is all connected, so think if something is off, or not aligned how that will affect the rest of the body.
Headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, constipation, the list goes ON that’s caused because you are not thinking about something so simple as your posture. It’s easy to do – easy not to do.

Here are 3 quick exercises you can do to strengthen, straighten and get your posture to be better! Start with a LOW weight as this is most often a very weak muscle, 2 or 5 pounders will go a long way!¬† try 15×3 or as many as you can for 1 minute of each!

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Battling the mom shoulders.(1).png

Have you ever been dealing with a bad posture..?
Have you noticed a difference in your MOOD and CONFIDENCE by straightening your back some..?

As always, I LOVE to hear from you.
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Have a great day.
xo Lina

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