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Kegels should be your lady bits BFF! #2

Kegles should be your lady bits BFF!(3).pngKegels should be THE one exercise you do daily. The cool thing is this little “awkward to talk about” exercise is very important for women’s health, especially pregnant ladies and moms!
Your pelvic-floor muscles act as a sling for the bladder, uterus and rectum.
Childbirth can often stretch and weaken your pelvic floor muscles, that’s why it’s so important to do as soon as you can after delivery as well as your whole pregnancy, work on squeezing your muscles “down there.”

Think about the muscle you use when you try to STOP to urinate, squeeze and hold those same vaginal muscles for a few seconds and then slowly release; that’s a kegel exercise and the muscles you want to work on often.
Think about not tightening your stomach or thighs when doing this, just your pelvic floor.
You can try a few times when going to the bathroom to stop the flow when you are peeing just to know the right “squeeze” however, don’t do this often as this can cause bladder infections.

As with any muscle, it might take a while to work the strength up. So start with trying to hold it for 3 seconds and then add 1-2 seconds as it feels OK.
Your goals should be to try to hold it for 10+ seconds.
Try to hold it for as many seconds you can for 10-15 times (with a few seconds in between each “set”) and that counts as one “session.” Try to do it 3-6 times a day!

The great thing is that you can do this ANYWHERE since no one can tell that you are doing it. Do it while brushing your teeth, watching tv, out for coffee with your friends, nursing (this is a great reminder!) etc.

You can do this while sitting up straight, standing, sitting on a stability ball, when doing hip raises (this is a great one!) sumo squats (when you hear me say squeeze in class – squeeze everything) in plank (tilt your hips slightly forward and squeeze) squats etc.

Your “lady friend” will be happy and kegels should before her new bff!
This will make you feel less pressure, enjoy sex more, easier orgasms, controlling your bladder more (yes, to jumping jacks again!) help preventing hemorrhoids, and also the more serious cases of pelvic prolapse when the bladder or cervix drops down into your vagina because of weak muscles after pregnancy and delivery.

Don’t think that this is important only when you are pregnant or have had babies – this is a life long exercise that you should do often to keep your lady bits strong!

Ready, set go – let’s do 10 now! 😉

xo Lina

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