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For YEARS I’ve had this little dream of mine to make Toned Mamas BIGGER and inviting others to JOIN me on this journey! I NEVER wanted this to be a one (wo)man show, I always wanted Toned Mamas to be a TRIBE of moms from different parts of the world and country to bring in stories for EVERYONE to be able to relate to whatever season in life you are in right now.

I want my blog to grow and become a go to source for mamas, BUT, I admit, I suck at staying consistent doing this ALL by myself.
Life is crazy with 3 daughters and growing the 4th one, my hubby is gone a lot, I’m planning daily work outs, challenge groups, adulting, working from home etc.
BUT I’m GREAT at lifting up other ladies who are AMAZING at what they do – and this is where YOU come in! YOU think about stuff that I had no idea about! You are flipping AWESOME and I can’t wait to share that with my community!

I have a few mamas who have joined me and we are working on a schedule to get some “guest posts” up. BUT good news is that I still have room for a few more! So if you are interested in joining me, email me and let’s chat some more! –> TonedMamas@gmail.com

The only thing I ask of you is to make sure that you are aligned with my ‘mission’ here at Toned Mamas. Toned Mamas mission is to simplify health to fit into the daily hustle of motherhood with effective work outs, simple nutrition and encouraging moms to daily strive to feel freaking amazing!
I love stories of things you’ve overcome, struggles, triumphs, things you’ve done but never thought you could do, military spouse life, working mom struggles, stay at home mom struggles, time management as a busy mom, how you fit in healthy eating and fitness in your life, organic eating, how to love yourself, postpartum depression, etc! The list doesn’t stop there, just a few ideas!

You’ll get a spot on my Blogger Squad page and links to your business or website if you have one. And so much loving from me.

I can’t wait to hear from you! xo Lina

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