Salads for days!

A boot camper mama of mine told me; “I KNOW I should eat more greens, but ugh, salads are so plain and tasteless and they never fill me up.”
I asked her how she made her salads and she told me she usually used lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, some cheese and fat free ranch dressing on top of it.
It got me thinking about myself growing up and our salads we usually ate were exactly the same, loaded with iceberg salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and some creamy dressing on top. I’m not complaining, I’m GLAD we ate a lot of salads at home as either a side or a whole meal (with more added stuff in there!) But I’m SO HAPPY that I’ve founds ways to make mine and my family’s salads AMAZING and interesting and FILLING!

17103387_10154527976414091_2538262051038729538_nLast week I quickly put together an impromptu “5 day eat a salad a day challenge” in my Toned Mamas Online group. We had so much fun, and it was great to set our intentions to eating more veggies and greens for a few days. I know I steered away from a sandwich and made a salad instead because I KNEW I had people that was waiting on my salad pic! Accountability does some AMAZING things to your motivation and staying on track – and for that I’m so happy we have our Online Toned Mamas Tribe for. If you are not in our group yet, come and join us!

Sayre’s yummy beat salad.

Veggies are so important to eat a lot of daily, it’s how we get a lot of the energy we need to be healthy and our best daily. Veggies are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and has a lot of fiber. Veggies don’t have any bad fats, or added sugars, artificial anything and you should try and get them organic as much as you can so you can avoid chemicals that’s been sprayed on them.
But I get it! Organic fruits and veggies can be pretty pricey – especially if you have a big family – so a great tip is to buy a organic veggie spray to clean your veggies with!

I wanted to give you a few tips on what to think about when you make salads, let’s start with;

“The DO list.”

1. Do use romaine lettuce instead of ice berg lettuce. Romaine lettuce has more vitamins & minerals and more protein in it as well.
2. Always try and add a good fat source to your salads. Not only will this make you feel more full, but also give you more energy. Avocado, nuts and seeds are great options!
3. Add fruit. Sometimes adding fruit to your salads makes you not having to use salad dressings at all.  A juicy pineapple in your salads can be amazing! Other fruits I love to add are grapes, apples, mango, berries, oranges etc!
4. Go for different greens! I know I said to use romaine lettuce, BUT there are also so many great greens out there that can change the flavor of the salad so easily. Try butter lettuce, different types of kale, spinach, arugula, mixed baby greens etc!
5. Go for the rainbow! Not only does a colorful salad excite your eyes, but you will also jam pack your salads with different types of vitamins, minerals etc.
6.Make your own salad dressing, I shared a bunch in our group, and they are so easy to make. I love a good balsamic, or a Dijon honey mustard.
7. I mentioned a good fat source, but always try and add some good protein as well. Any lean meat, shrimp, salmon, eggs, chia seeds, cheese, etc.

“The DON’T list .”

1. Don’t use too much salad dressing. I see this ALL the time, mamas thinking they are making healthy decisions with a salad just to cover it with a fatty dressing. A little goes a long way! Always ask to get your dressing on the side at a restaurants.
2. Be easy on the oil. Although olive oil is a lot better substitute from example a creamy dressing, a little goes a very long way. One tablespoon of olive oil is about 120 calories. Try to spray some olive oil on instead of pouring it.
3. Easy on the added “stuff” like bacon, cheese, croutons and even nuts as this also quickly adds up with unnecessary calories.

Always try new salads and be CREATIVE. Think outside of your normal box, or bowl. 🙂
Here are just a FEW of our salads we had this week. I’m so so proud of my mamas who always try new things and step out of their comfort zone.


Eat more veggies every day!
xoxo Lina


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