Why you need to make your own popcorn!

Listen, I get it throwing a bag of buttery popcorn in the microwave is so easy and so good,  but studies have shown that microwave popcorn can actually be very bad for you.

Most bags are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), say that fast 10 times! This is a toxic that you can also find in teflon pots and pans, this chemical has been linked to infertility, cancers and other diseases. And the ingredients itself has tons of added crap in them, just take a look on the back of that box you probably have in your pantry. Even the “natural,” “healthy” popcorn bags has it. Soy, soybean oil, artificial flavors, citric acid, propyl gallate and the list goes on! And the list goes on with a bunch of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)

Here is how I make mine and my families FAVORITE popcorn! It’s seriously so so easy, fast and you can make a bunch ahead of time and just store in a bag or sealed container and grab and go as you want some!

Toned Mamas Popcorn
2 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
You know me, I almost never measure things, I melt coconut oil so it cover the bottom of the pan I’m using, add popcorn kernels, make sure it’s on medium high, and shake the pan often! This will make all the kernels to pop, and help it from not burning. Once you hear it stop popping, it’s DONE. Add what you like on it, I like Pink Himalayan Salt and sometimes add some chocolate, nuts, shredded coconut and/or dried fruit in there too! 😉

That’s IT! Talk about SIMPLE ingredients to READ and eat up! No crazy words to pronounce, and no ingredients that’s not good for you.

Coconut oil is packed with great benefits like boosting your metabolism, kills candia infections, provided great energy, anti aging, helps with hair growth, immune booster, regulates blood sugar etc!

Eat it for movie night, send it with your kids for a snack in school, afternoon snack, snack to bring to parties and to the beach!

Hope you Enjoy it as much as my family and I do.

xoxo Lina


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