Measure Strength.

I love feeling and seeing progress! Duh, don’t we all? So today at class we started a new “tradition” with doing a monthly strength test. We are counting ourselves how many of each exercise we can do and writing down how many push ups, lunges etc we can do in ONE minute, wrote it down on our paper and around or close to the first of each month we will do it again and see if we have progressed and become stronger – I’m sure we all will!

I was going to keep this just to my classes, but after some curiosity from others I wanted to share with yall too so you have the opportunity to do it as well from home, gym or where ever you are!

Be honest with yourself, and push yourself for 1 minute.

Here is the link you can down load, print and keep with your work out stuff. If you are in my bootcamp, I have them printed for you and will keep them with me at class!

toned-mamas Strenght Test

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xo Lina

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