No muffin tops here!

This year we’ve decided to try and cut down our food bill AND get back to eating as unprocessed as we can.

I admit I’ve been somewhat lazy and been buying the girls bars, pretzels, cheese it’s etc to snack on. BUT we are back with fruit and veggies and home made treats and bars like I used to be so good at making!

Last year was just a STRUGGLE through and through for me, if you followed me I’m sure you’ve heard all about it, stress, not eating the way I should have, and just in general a lot of changes that made it hard for me to get into a routine but I’m so happy to be on a better path and FOOD & MOVING your body is so important to stay happy and energized!

So let’s get back to talking about SNACKS! What in the world DID I buy for my girls to snack on yesterday if I avoided ALL the “traditional” go to, throw in the bag snacks..?
A lot of different fruits like oranges, kiwis, apples, mangoes, clementines, I bought apple sauce and also a lot of different cheese sticks, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Greek Yogurt is defenitly pricier, but with the protein in it and less sugar, it’s definitely worth it for my littles to feel full longer and giving them the energy they need. They love adding home made granola, or just plain dry oat meal on top or nuts! I also bought some mini guacamole cups with NO added gunk in them, hummus, and planning to make my own ranch for them to dip their veggies in.

My girls are great at eating healthy foods, but they will also need to break some habits to not to crave bars, crackers and sugar and other “crap” so it will be a little bit of a process. But to making it easier, I’m planning to make lots of yummy home made stuff like these banana chocolate muffins at least every other day!

I want my girls to grow up as healthy as possible with the best eating habits as I can try and give them when they move out of my house. But I agree, everything in moderation. They know we can have treats and even fast foods SOMETIMES, and they also are pretty informed with WHY we choose to eat like this. Kids are SUPER SMART – don’t underestimate TEACHING them about foods young! Explain that a lot of sugar is bad for their health and their teeth. Explain that “bad food” is ok in moderation but if we eat too much of it we can get tummy ache, getting sick, not being able to concentrate as much or learning as much or having as much energy to PLAY and have fun. You can find a way to talk to them about food at whatever level and age they are at.

REMEMBER —> As the parent YOU need to lead by example for them to follow in your steps. LITTLE BY LITTLE you will go far. TRY different things, find out ways THEY LIKE veggies if they are picky. For example, my youngest, Annabelle, don’t like cooked broccoli but eat it raw. And non of my girls like squash so I don’t make them eat that, we can’t FORCE them to eat everything. BUT we can try and try and try again, to find different veggies they like or different ways they may enjoy it.

As you probably know, I grew up in Sweden having only “Saturday candy” where we got to pick our own candies every weekend and it was always so fun to do this. It’s crazy to me that here in the US candy is an everyday thing… The girls are given candy in school pretty much everyday as they are being good, doing good on a test or being helpful or just because. It drives me bonkers when they come home telling me that they had candy for being good… So I implemented our new rule for them to save all that and eat it Saturday with the treats from mom and dad.

So let’s chat about this muffin I made today. I literally just thew it all in the vitamix, popped in the oven and hoped for the best! And they turned out good! I always seem to have brown bananas on my counter, so baking with bananas is a great way to sweetened stuff without sugar!


Chocolate Banana Muffins.

Dry ingredients:
1 cup oat meal flower (just throw it in the blender or food processor for a few seconds until it looks like flour or buy already made)
1/2 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
5-6 tablespoons dark cocoa powder
dash of salt

Wet ingredients:
3 very ripped bananas (the browner banana peels, the sweeter they will be)
3 eggs
1 tablespoon coconut oil, liquid form

Mix the dry ingredients in a big bowl, blend the bananas and eggs (or mash and then mix.)
Mix it all together.
Add in sprayed muffins tins, add in preheated 375 degree oven. Bake for about 9-10 minutes or until dry when sticking in a tooth pick. Can also make these in a mini muffin pan but bake for 5-6min.

I would love to hear what changes you are making in 2017?  I LOVE january 0 so many changes that are in the air – BUT never forget – you don’t need January 1st to make changes! You can start March 3rd, or a Wednesday! I want YOU to feel FREAKING AMAZING – and nourish and moving your body WILL help you with that!
Have a great Friday loves.
xo Lina

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