Core and Shoulder crusher!

NO time – ZERO – nada time in your 24 hour day to work out… Yep, I hear ya!
But I KNOW that you can still MAKE time.

I love showing mamas that they don’t NEED a lot of time in their day to work out. You don’t NEED a gym membership, you don’t NEED fancy equipment – BUT you need to get to work.

This move is a core and shoulder crusher. You target so many muscles just by doing this! It’s crazy!

So if you feel as you have NO time in your day – MAKE time for this ONE move.
Do as many as you can for ONE minute before you jump into the shower. If you are feeling good, try it for a few more minutes.
I promise you’ll be HAPPY you did them.

1. Do a forearm plank.
2. Raise your hips up into a downward dog position
3. Do 2 leg raises, alternate leg, kick your leg up as high as you can.
4. Come down back into a plank.
5. Get up onto your hands in a plank.
6. Raise your hips up into a downward dog position.
7. Do 2 leg raises alternate leg.
8. Down to a forearm plank and repeat!


If you are feeling like you have MORE time. HINT << Just MAKE TIME MAMA, here is a great work out for ya!

Be your best! Have a great day mama! <3
xoxo Lina

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