Are abs REALLY made in the kitchen?


So you might have heard the expression abs are made in the kitchen. But is that really true..? The answer is yes AND no. Let me explain it all…

We will never get around a bad diet. But if you train INTENSE like a lot of HIIT trainings, sprints etc then YES you can have visual abs and still not eat 100% “clean.” Clean eating is when you avoid processed food and eat veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole grains and avoid most things that comes in a “box or a bag” or is pre-made.

Also, to get visual muscles you need to put work into them. Strength training, like in body weight training OR with added weights is a must for muscles to grow, it will also help tighten the skin some after babies, or after of weight loss.

HOWEVER, if you have a layer of fat over your muscles then it doesn’t matter how much you work out, you will not be able to see them. And many of us deal with feeling bloated and swollen and the only way to get rid of that is to eat healthy foods.

Here are some things to think about;
+ Avoid sodium.
+ A lot of dairy can make you “puffy” and bloated.
+ Avoid alcohol.
+ Avoid sugar.
+ Avoid soda.
+ Avoid cookies and sweets.

My TOP TIP to get a flatter stomach is to DRINK WATER. As a minimum, you should drink half you water weight in ounces.

So abs are NOT really “made” in the kitchen, but abs become visual and “pops” from a healthy diet.

Try to keep your focus daily on a 80% healthy food and 20% intense training and you WILL get a more toned midsection.

Here is a great plank work out you can squeeze in today! 15319063_675465632631100_330449405933118724_n

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