Holiday Season Survival Guide!

imagesWe are in it! Thanksgiving is over, and it’s December 1st, our Elf Abby showed up today and that means the Christmas craziness has officially begun. HOWEVER, I am darn proud to say that this mama is officially DONE doing all of her gift shopping and that feels AMAZING.

I created this “go to list” for my online group and I wanted to make I was sharing these tips in my free Toned Mamas Online group <<< are you a member yet..? <<<

Listen, I’m NOT here to tell you that you can’t enjoy all the food, drinks and fun that’s upon us… After all, it’s just ONE day out of 365 days a year. But my mission is to SIMPLIFY health for you, and some of my mama’s have asked for some tips and ideas to stay on track this season and I have tons of great tips for you!

STAY ACTIVE. When we eat a lot we do not FEEL like moving. We get tired, and all the sugar, fat, and “crap” you will enjoy will make you feel super sleepy. So my tip for you is to do a turkey trot, go for a run, or get a sweaty work out in BEFORE you join the family for that huge dinner. Doing an INTENSE work out, burning a ton of calories will for sure give you some wiggle room to enjoy some treats – GUILT FREE.

HYDRATE! I’m sure this is NO surprise for you! But by staying hydrated you will be able to feel so much clearer and energized. Not only will  be able to CHECK your cravings before you WRECK yourself – it will also help fill you up, avoid sugar craving attacks and help you stay in track. Trust me, bring a water bottle OR fill your water glass and keep on sipping on that baby. Adding some fresh lemon will make it easier to drink!

USE THIS INSTEAD. There are SO many things you can use instead of the “tradtitional” stuff. TRUST me on a few of these – OK?
-Plain Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream. Adding this in your mash potatoes will not change the flavor, but add tons of protein and less fat.
-Use apple sauce instead off butter and oil in baking.
-Greek Yogurt (again) as the base for dips.
-Low sodium products like chicken stock in your gravy.
-Eat the white meat of the turkey instead of the dark.
-Skip store bought and eat the homemade.
-Bring or make a healthy “guilt-free” dish to serve and enjoy.
-Skip the white and enjoy the whole wheat bread.

HALF YOUR PLATE WITH VEGGIES. I hear ya, it’s thanksgiving. BUT if you fill up half of your plate with veggie dishes and half of your plate with your absolute favorite dishes, you can enjoy it all- and STILL save some of the calories. Why eat stuff JUST because it’s thanksgiving and not only pick your absolute favorites to be sure not to overeat and feel icky afterwards.

SLOW DOWN. Eating SLOWER will make you not only enjoy the food so much more, but it will make you REALIZE you are getting fuller so you can STOP before you over eat. Make sure you drink some water too, while you eat.

SKIP THE SECONDS. Trust me, there will be left overs. The second plate will just make you overly FULL and make you feel bad about yourself. Stop while you are at the top, and save some room for a dessert instead.

SIP LESS ALCOHOL. Calories will quickly ADD up once you are having a few beer or a few glasses of wine. My husband and I are into craft beer and holy cow, when you drink those they show up right away on your love handles. I’ve seen it myself..

BE REALISTIC. I mean it is Thanksgiving… Give yourself some Grace. If you are over eating some, it’s OK. One day will not make you or break you. It might make you feel like crap. But the next day – go for a long walk – or do a intense work out – hydrate extra – and eat a salad with the white parts of the turkey on top.

Did you know that most Americans gain about 10 pounds during thanksgiving and Christmas season? Don’t be one of them. Give yourself grace – but don’t slack.
Get your work outs in, drink water and eat your veggies and you’ll be good and stop weight gain before it starts.

I hope you are having a great and blessed and safe holiday season.

I’m so so thankful YOU are here.

xoxo Lina

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