Curry egg salad.


Yall. This one is awesome if you love exotic flavors to mix your nutrition up! I LOVE Thai curry, Indian curry, and any curry really. But the CALORIES in those dishes can get pretty high up there…

This curried egg salad is awesome to throw in a wrap, eat with veggies, on a salad or as a side with some grilled chicken. I love to top a crispy roamine lettuce and spinach with this stuff OR like on the pictures – with a yummy APPLE.
It’s the BOMB for realz and I want to go and make some MORE ASAP!

Your options what to eat this with really are endless like all my nutrition ideas; or why not just eat with a spoon –  I will NOT judge ya! 😉

This recipe has around 25grams of protein in it and still low in calories, and has great healthy fats and vitamins from the egg yolk and cottage cheese.
(My protein calculations —> 12 grams from the cottage cheese, 7g from egg whites and 6 gram from the whole egg.)

2 boiled egg whites.
1 whole boiled egg.
1/2 cup 1% small curd cottage cheese.
yellow curry powder.
pepper, salt
Optional – 1tbsp finely chopped green onion

Cool and peel the eggs. Chop them up finely.
Mix eggs with the rest of the ingredients, add curry powder to your taste! Be careful with the salt as the curry may have a salty taste to it! Add more as you go if needed and then just chow it down!


Have an AMAZING rest of your week!
Be your best – Take the need of perfection off your shoulders and just WING it!
xoxo Lina

Bootcamp is starting up on MONDAY! Yaaayy!!
Avocado smash is another BOMB and favorite of mine.
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