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Snack Attack Talk!

Hey mama,

I have something SERIOUS to get off my chest y’all… I bet you and I are a lot a like – on the  go all the time, trying to ‘do it all’ and while at it you have a pretty good nutrition AND that brings me to ask y’all… >> What the heck happens in the afternoon, somewhere between 2-3pm and ALL I want to do is to EAT ANYTHING in the weight of my own body!? All my goals go out the window, all my “balance” disappears and this mama is just stuffing her face.
I know I’m not alone!! I talk to mamas about this ALL the time.

As I’ve been working so hard on being more aware of myself, my feelings, my hormones, my habits etc. I’ve been DETERMINED to come up with better, but still satisfying QUICK snacks.

Meal prepping works. But to be honest – I’m not a huge “left over” person. I like my things to be made and cut up fresh…

With that being said! There are things I NOW do to HELP myself stay on track as we are back in somewhat of a routine.

Here are some ideas that I think you may like to!

-I keep baby bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli washed & ready to snack on when I want crunch. Sometimes I just eat them as is, sometimes I dip them in hummus or my own fave protein Greek Yogurt dip. It’s ridiculous how easy it is – grab plain Greek yogurt, mix in spices of your choice, I usually go for garlic powder & pink Himalayan salt and pepper. Sometimes just a little honey Dijon mustard and mix it up. And just dip away!

-Roasted chick peas are the shizzle! Recipe HERE.

-Greek yogurt is my “back again on the shelf” go to after noon snack. I avoided all dairy for a while – but Greek Yogurt, cottage cheese and Cheese are the 3 things that I’ve brought back into my life and I’m so much happier now! 😆
I always buy the big plain tub, cheaper and less sugar and then I top it with whatever I want. Honey is a favorite! Sometimes fresh berries, sometimes a little jelly. Oats, chia seeds, nuts, coconut – the options are ENDLESS.

-Boiled EGGS has become my best friend. Easy, cheap and fast! I’ll take 3 please!

-My fruit bowl on the counter is always full. A banana with some peanut butter – and apple and some almonds – A pear with a cheese stick and some walnuts – a Orange with some cinnamon sprinkled on top.


PREPARATION is the key! If I PLAN ahead of time with a healthy snack, I will eat that. I actually have a list of snacks written down in my planner for ideas when I don’t know what I feel like eating… Especially on the days when I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head off.

And HERE is a great FUN recipe that I think may rock your socks off. Don’t let the color scare ya – it’s so so so good and filled with healthy fats, protein and FLAVOR.

This avocado smash that I call it was my GO TO when I lived in a small little studio apartment at 19-20 years old in Stockholm, Sweden. I then usually added it all in a tortilla or ate it on a toast. But since I’ve been on a boiled egg kick lately, I just stuffed it in there this time and it was a HIT for my taste buds! My little ones ate it with some chips!


You can add this smash on a whole wheat toast, wasa crisp bread, egg halves, whole wheat tortilla, chips, or eat it as a side with some grilled chicken and quinoa. The possibilities are endless!

And OH, you can change the flavor depending on what salsa you add in there. Today I had a mango salsa, but I would go with a  not so sweet salsa instead – but it’s tots up to you!

1 avocado, mashed.
1 half a cup of cottage cheese. (You can also use plain Greek yogurt!)
1 TBSP finely chopped red onion.
1 heaping spoon of your favorite salsa.
Add salt, pepper & garlic powder. Cilantro if you have some. And mix it up and add it on what ever you feel like that day!


Hope your week is going amazing so far.
Remember you are flipping AMAZING, being imperfect is “cool” and you are made for more – so never settle! 😆

Just wing it!
xoxo Lina

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