Chickpeas or garbanzo..? Either way this was delish!

Hey mama!

Today I have an amazing, CHEAP and QUICK recipe that you can either have for a snack, or a side, or like I did added it on top of my salad.

The kids loved them, the hubby approved (he is a garbage can so nothing else was expected!)

The fun thing with these babies is that you can add any flavor to them!
I added just salt, pepper and garlic. But why not throw on some cayenne, Greek seasoning, or make like a lime and cilantro oil to toss them in (Add that once they are broiled so you don’t burn the seasoning!)
The options are endless here.

You should try them!

Oh, and by the way! What do you call them? Garbanzo or chickpeas…? I usually go for the chickpea version myself… 🙂


1 can of garbanzo beans
Oil to cover (about 1 tbsp)
seasoning. I used garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Start your oven on broil high.
Drain the beans, and pat try with paper towel or kitchen towel.
Add dry beans on cookie sheet.
Add into oven about 3 minutes. Take them out, SEASON them and mix them around. Put back into the oven for another 3-5 min or until golden brown.

Keep an eye on them. Sometimes it goes QUICK and they burn!
Always add the seasoning about half way through so it doesn’t burn!

Let your taste-buds be happy and your metabolism thankful. These babies are jam packed with protein, awesome fiber, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B! So they are definetly Toned Mamas approved!

Have a great day.
xoxo Lina

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