I was a quitter looking for quick fixes.

I used to be the kind of woman who were looking for quick fixes for EVERYTHING.
If it didn’t happen right away I thought it was not for me, I was on the wrong path and I QUIT or I tried to burying my problems deep and slapped on a smile and went on with my day like everything was “fine.”

I wanted easy quick fixes in everything; diets, work outs, marriage problems, parenting, financial issues, you name it – I wanted it.

As I was walking around telling people that I was “fine” I was slowly dying on the inside. Feeling as I didn’t have a purpose, didn’t have a passion, hated my body, was lonely, depression took a bad toll and I wondered many times what I did on this earth and maybe it would be best if I just wasn’t here…

It was really bad for a while.
Until I slowly started making changes because I just couldn’t stand myself anymore and the mom I had become.

So in 2010 I made a 180 and decided enough was enough and I started working out to turbo jam at home and I LOVED it. It gave me a fire in my soul and I felt like maybe I was meant for something bigger after all.
It went on, I started doing personal development – I grew as a person, I continued with Turbo Fire, I became a turbo kick instructor and started teaching classes in a gym (I sucked at it at first! but that’s a whole other story! haha!) All my hard work was happening and I saw results and I felt amazing! So I signed up as a coach and everything started to be HARD. My fitness results stalled, my classes were small and I struggled with getting people to show up. I had NO idea how to run a coaching business and no one wanted to join me. I was pregnant with #3 and my husband was away a lot for training.  I baby sat other kids during the day. We were about to move across country and while my husband was deployed I spent 6 months in Sweden with my parents and daughters and everything just became to overwhelming and too HARD so naturally I QUIT everything I had worked so hard for.

Quitting is EASY.
Until those uneasy feelings are taking over that CRAP what the heck am I doing?

I found that I had gained weight again.
I was again depressed.
I didn’t feel that burning passion and didn’t feel like I had a purpose.
And I was NOT the mom and wife I wanted to be.

Until I once again HAD ENOUGH of the way I lived my daily life.
So I went back to the “drawing board” which in my case was a note-book and I started writing and filling it up with dreams that at that point seemed impossible to create.

But I started.
And then I kept going.
I studied and became a personal trainer and started my Toned Mamas business.
I re-signed as a coach because I knew the opportunity that could come with it and
and created Team Rad Bliss and I signed back up with an amazing coach, mentor and team that has helped me out so so much

My vision is STRONGER this time because I’ve worked SO SO SO much on MINDSET and even though it’s been SO HARD and I’ve STRUGGLED I’m staying positive, I know it’s a journey, I know that I’m NEVER giving up again, I have a team that backs me up and encourage me.

So is it easier now..?
NO, it’s still so hard. Life is so busy and I have to MAKE MYSELF do a lot of things even when I don’t feel like it. I have the power in my hand to help so many around me. Both creating a healthy lifestyle that they so desperately want as busy mom’s and also the opportunity to help mamas build amazing businesses from wherever they choose.

So I’m learning to embrace that it’s HARD. Because on this road where I’m going it’s always going to be hard, that’s why it’s not a crowded road. Because most people still have the mindset to quit and that it want it NOW. Just like I’ve quit a million times.

I’m far from perfect. But I’m moving forward every single day because quitting is no longer an option in my mind. For my diet, for my work outs, for my marriage, for my dreams, for my team, for my Toned Mamas make me ALL feel alive, like I’m doing what I was meant to do. And I’ll be damned if I let FEAR hold me back from living my life 100%.

What about you?
What is holding you back from being your best self?
From going after your dreams?
From getting unstuck?
From finding your passion and your true purpose in life.

I know the answer.
And it smacked me right in the face.
But it’s the reality.

The only thing that is stopping your from being the best you, from living your best life to go after your amazing purpose is YOU!
You can change that.

I believe in you.
But you need to put in the work. <3

If you are needing some encouragement, a push, help with where to start – please reach out to me.
I can’t do it for you, but I will be a friend you can lean on. Because I wish I had someone I could have leaned on that knew what I was going through.

You got this.
I’m serious, you really do.

So start today with writing down, pen on paper what it is you want. How you want to feel, what kind of mom, wife, friend you want to be and lets go from there.

Email me; tonedmamas@gmail.com

I can’t wait to hear from YOU! <3

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  1. Wow!!! This has really hit home with me!!!! I really want a change but it’s so hard to get out of the daily routine. This article has really inspired me!

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